Wednesday, July 12, 2017

What They Said

I have been a subscriber of your publication “Issues & Concerns”, for the last several years. I must complement you for maintaining its standard, continuously, for the last 17 years. I have never missed your Critique “Month-in-Perspective”, Dr. Hegde’s free and frank speak-out on Medicine and medical practitioners, and Late M.V. Kamath’s tit-bits.
I am enclosing herewith my Cheque for `10,000/- for your magazine “Issues&Concerns”.           – Justice Hosbet Suresh, (Retd. High Court), Mumbai

We deeply appreciate the time taken to write the letter of appreciation. So also your participation as a permanent member. The receipt of `10,000/- is hereby acknowledged.                         -Editor

Your magazine has highlighted some of the PUC toppers of poor family background with an appeal to its readers to help those students to continue their studies. I do appreciate I&C for its concerns for those students. Kindly find herewith a cheque of small amount of `1000/- .                            -K Sharada Bhat, Udupi

Your Focus “The 14th president of India” (I&C May), has been a good write up with half-a-dozen photographs. Your proposal regarding the Wipro Chief Azim Premji was good and worth considering by the powers that be. However, PM Modi, being a politician that he is, has played his card deftly. Clearly he is thinking of 2019 and UP can make all the difference with more than 70 Loksabha seats. Hence selected a Dalit from U.P to be the NDA candidate to occupy the Raisina Hill’s presidential palace.
Coming to your Focus (I&C June) the write up “From one for the Road to none for the Road” did not have its usual punch, may be because there was 'none for the road'. However it is true that Supreme Court had no business to make a law which is clearly the job of parliament. Anyway this is Yeh Mera India, where all kinds of things keep happening.

-SM Suvarna, Udupi

I&C June editorial I feel the word ‘reign’ should have been rein. – Raghunath Kodical, Bengalooru, Via SMS

Thanks for the correction, in the 4th paragraph, last but one line, on page no4. I&C is largely a one man affair and internal issues are multiple and date with readers too has to be kept, many of whom have failed to renew their subscription. Proof reading, in excess, at times, becomes unproductive.  Alert readers like you do help us. Thanks once again.                                             Editor

I am living in Mangalore- Karnataka. And as per the Law of the Land- Karnataka Municipal Corporation Act 1976, I have an opportunity to express my grievances (problems) in my Area Sabha meetings and get it solved through ward committee. There are several govt. orders to implement and conduct Area Sabhas and form ward committees. In addition the Solid Waste Management Rules 2000 directs the civic body to arrange Area Sabha meetings to discuss and solve solid waste problems periodically.
But, till today civic body local administration has ignored the Law, including rules & orders. Before election, we the public are VIPs. But afterwards I feel that we are reduced to beggars. The elected leaders are not interested to conduct Area Sabha meets and to form ward committees, for their selfish reasons. 
Now that the Karnataka High Court, reacting to a writ petition, has ordered the BBMP to conduct Area Sabhas and form ward committees within one month, I do hope things will improve.                                                            -Padmanabha Ullal, Mangalooru

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